KCQ’S Dreammakers!



Remember your Christmas morning as a child?   Hoping and wishing that Santa heard your prayer, or read your letter and will leave you the gift you really want. 


For many children in Mid-Michigan, this will not be the case.  And 98 KCQ DREAMMAKERS changes that narrative for 10 families in the Great Lakes Bay Region.  


From Monday, December 2, through Friday, December 13, Jim and Barb, the Q Morning Crew will present 10 families, one each morning, and ask you to help out, whether big or small, to ensure the kids have a visit from Santa.


Listen weekday mornings at 7:10 a.m. for each family’s story and circumstances.    And then it’s up to you to fulfill their Christmas wish.  The Q Lines are open at 989-753-4498 and 800-262-0098 for anyone who wants to help out.    It could be as simple as a doll, a book, crayons and pencils, or maybe a bicycle or Tonka Truck.   Whatever you can do to help one child’s Christmas is appreciated.


The KCQ DREAMMAKERS story begins December 2 at 7:10 a.m. and ends on December 13, 2019.


If you would like to help, call the Q Lines, 989-753-4498 or 800-262-0098, or email morningshow@98fmkcq.com.   Identify the family by Day (such as Day One) or by Date (Monday’s family) and you will be contacted by the Q Morning Crew.


Thank you, and Merry Christmas.